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What is La Isha

Why I Started This Company

Two months before my 52nd birthday, my life went to hell in a hatbox.

My dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, the “wusband” of 20 years split, my best friend lost her 6-year battle with breast cancer, and one of my children had a serious accident at summer camp that threatened to leave him scarred for life (Read The La Ishá Story). I was under a huge amount of stress and it showed on my face. Years of sun exposure began to manifest as age spots, blotchy patches, dryness and wrinkles. I was also breaking out like a teen-ager for the first time since puberty. I felt old and unattractive. It didn’t help that I was living in a high-altitude location where the humidity was often in the single digits, winter temperatures regularly fell below zero, and summers were blistering hot.

I decided that cosmetic surgery was not an option for me and set out on a quest to find skincare products that could rejuvenate my skin and restore my self-confidence. I tried a vast array of department store brands that promised the fountain of youth by stunning celebrity spokeswomen, bold sexy packaging and equally outrageous pricing. When that failed, I tried the more down-to-earth drugstore and health food store brands, but no matter what I used the results were always the same. After only a couple of weeks at best, the small improvements I thought I had seen disappeared and I was back to square one. Over time, I managed to amass a collection of useless skincare products that made a serious dent in my pocketbook and cluttered my bathroom cabinet.

I started to research skin care ingredients and was surprised to discover that most mainstream brands are produced by the same handful of contract manufacturers and laboratories. Although everyone's products looked different on the outside, they were all pretty much the same on the inside. Most contained synthetic lab-created ingredients, many of which have been linked to breast cancer and a slew of other serious health concerns.

I was surprised to learn that none of the major cosmetic companies have a policy of full ingredient disclosure: they generally list the main active ingredients as required by law, but leave out everything else. An example of this is the ingredient called "Fragrance" which is considered proprietary and not subject to mandatory disclosure. Some fragrances commonly used in perfumes, colognes and cosmetics are what is known as endocrine disruptors. This class of chemicals has been linked to developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune system abnormalities. Research suggests that they have the ability to alter the DNA, potentially affecting a woman's future offspring before she even becomes pregnant. Finding this out blew me away! How can a woman avoid an allergic reaction or worse if she doesn't know what is in the products she is using? A woman could accidentally sacrifice her health in the pursuit of looking beautiful without even knowing it.

That’s when I decided to do something about it and create a new kind of honest skin care company.

La Ishá Natural Skin Care is ideal for anyone disappointed in the quality & appearance of their skin. Our formulations are designed by female formulators who have the same concerns as our clients. This gives La Ishá a unique, inside perspective on what women truly want and need instead of just mimicking the latest fads and trends. 

If you have been searching for a skincare brand that is effective, uncomplicated to use, handcrafted in small batches and made with safe natural ingredients that won't come back to bite you, La Ishá is for you. Our formulations create cumulative results that you can start to see and feel within only 7-10 days. We can help you save time and money by simplifying your beauty routine and eliminating the clutter in your bathroom from partially-used products that never worked but you didn't have the heart to throw out. 

Give La Ishá a try. I think you’ll like what you see! 

Wishing you the blessings of good health and timeless beauty,

Sharon Gnatt Epel

Founder/CEO La Ishá Natural Skin Care 

(This is me. As you can see, my hair has turned white, but my face still looks fresh and youthful!)

Looking your best is a smart investment that not only pays off in self-confidence and positive mental health, but increased earning potential as well. Your face is yours for life, so be good to it. It is going to represent you for a very long time.

♥ Made with Love in the USA ♥

"I have been using La-Ishá products for about three years. I have extremely sensitive skin and have had issues with my skin breaking out with other anti-aging products. With La-Ishá skin care, I have absolutely no issues! I love how my skin responds, how clear it is and how refreshed and dewy my skin always looks and feels. My age spots are much less noticeable now also, which I love! I feel like my wrinkles are much less noticeable now too and I have not noticed any new ones popping up. I would recommend La-Ishá skin care highly to anyone who wants an all natural, toxic free, powerful anti-aging skin care product". - Diane E., Denver, CO

"Nutrient Rich Face Crème restored and healed my face in Aspen! I went to Aspen for New Year's. The low temps and wind demolished my face. I looked horrible and ancient. Your Nutrient Rich Face Crème restored and healed my altitude and element effected face. I can't thank you enough for sending it to me while I was there!" - Susan W., Beverly Hills, CA



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