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Video Testimonials

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Watch Michelle C's Video Testimonial (above) to hear how Breast SOS has helped firm and beautify Michelle's skin, how easy it is to use La Ishá's Breast SOS for breast self-checks, and the benefits of quick acting La Ishá Natural Age Spot Eraser!

La Ishá Helped My Skin After the ravages of Breast Cancer, Chemo And Radiation Therapy. Lauren Miller, Google's #1 stress expert, best selling author, Founder of Stress Solutions University and courageous breast cancer survivor sings the praises of La Ishá High Performance Natural Skin Care, and credits it with helping her skin bounce back after being subjected to a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. Watch her video testimonial.

Watch Michelle B's Video (above) to see how she uses La Ishá's Breast SOS as an effective moisturizer for oily skin! Michelle, a registered nurse, is the founder of the Healthy Life and a professional wellness coach who lives in the arid high desert of New Mexico. Although it was originally designed to firm and rejuvenate the breasts and decollete from the signs of sun-damage, Michelle uses Breast SOS as an effective facial moisturizer for oily skin. She explains how using an oil can actually balance your skin's natural oil production.

Watch Pat's Video Testimonial (above) to hear her talk about how La Ishá High Performance Natural Skin Care Is Truly Effective On Dry Skin in the Mile-Hi City! She is a big fan of the Nutrient Rich Face Crème and Breast SOS!

Jeanna, a licensed aesthetician, talks about what she likes about La Ishá High Performance Natural Skin Care, how the Orange Coconut Skin Polish and Breast SOS has helped improve her oily skin, and why she recommends it to you!




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