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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am new to La Ishá High Performance Natural Skin Care. Which products should I start with for best results?

We recommend starting out with the 3 core facial products:

  • Gentle Aromatherapy Face Wash
  • Orange Coconut Face Polish
  • Nutrient Rich Face Crème
  • If you suffer from cleavage wrinkles, dry skin and age spots on your breasts and décolleté you will want to add La Isha's award-winning Breast SOS to your nightly routine.

This is a very fast, easy yet highly effective skincare program. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your skin to regulate. You may be surprised to find that these three products are all you need. However, should you decide that you need a little extra help with Age Spots, Dark Circles, or customizable hydration on those days you need it most, you can always add our special serums. Be sure to contact a member of the La Ishá Customer Love Team with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

Is La Ishá High Performance Skin Care safe for people who have Celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten?

Yes! Our founder and her children are gluten intolerant. Because of this and her difficulty in finding high-quality gluten-free skincare, she created the entire line gluten-free.

Do La Ishá natural & organic skin care products require refrigeration?

Our natural skin care products are stable at room temperature and do not require refrigeration, but they do contain precious oils and all natural oils can go rancid. Our products will stay fresher longer if kept in a cool, dark place.

Why does La Ishá use Pomegranate Seed Oil in their age-defying formulations?

Pomegranate Seed Oil is considered the most powerful natural antioxidant known to date. It is thought to be 7 times more powerful than green tea and twice as powerful as dry red wine.

Research studies show that Pomegranate Seed Oil helps fight the free radicals that are thought to be responsible for accelerating the body's natural aging process and making the skin rigid and less elastic, thus giving it strong anti-aging properties. In vivo and in vitro research on Pomegranate Seed Oil has shown that it may actually inhibit the formation of enzymes that cause healthy cells to mutate and grow out of control. This raises exciting new possibilities about how it may someday be used to support good health. A study published in the February 2006 University of Michigan Medical School Journal of Ethnopharmacology documented that Pomegranate Seed Oil stimulates the production of keratinocytes which help to regenerate and thicken the epidermis: both characteristics of younger skin. In addition to being an excellent natural anti aging tool, the oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, and can provide quick relief from minor skin discomfort and irritation.

You advertise that La Ishá only uses "cold-pressed" organic pomegranate seed oil in its organic skin care formulations. Why is this important to me as a consumer?

Cold pressing is a method that uses no heat or chemical solvents to extract oil from a seed. This results in a superior quality oil that maintains optimal nutritional value and maximum potency. There are no shortcuts to getting superior results, so don't be fooled: Price is often an indicator of quality. Cheap oil can be a sign of dilution or adulteration. Organic cold-pressed oil may be a little more expensive but in terms of value and benefits you clearly get what you pay for.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It can be administered in a variety of ways, including topical application and inhalation.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts that come from plants and trees and work in harmony with nature. Primarily fat soluble, they tend to be lighter than water and are quickly absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Contrary to their name, most essential oils are not true oils and do not have an “oily” feel. Every essential oil has its own unique chemical structure that is responsible for how it smells, is absorbed, and affects the body.

What is the science behind aromatherapy?

Smell is the most powerful sense in the human body. Unlike other faculties that require interaction with the spinal column, the circulatory system or the digestive system to take effect, the recognition of smell is immediate and linked to the subconscious mind. Scent has the ability to evoke feelings as well as physical responses, and is linked to some of our earliest, pre-verbal memories.

When a person inhales an essential oil, the scent is immediately picked up by tiny receptors in the nose and transported to the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system is involved with stress and hormone levels, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. This is why aromatherapy has such a powerful effect on the human body. Within seconds, you can feel the direct effect of the oil on emotions, physical being, muscle tension and even energy levels. No two people will react to an essential oil in exactly the same way, thus making aromatherapy benefits highly individualized and customizable.

What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils can influence our moods and lift us up when we are feeling down, enhance memory and focus, promote relaxation, help reduce nausea, and have a calming effect on us when we are feeling anxious. They can also provide relief from physical symptoms such as headaches and congestion.

Can I get the same results from sniffing fragrant oils instead of essential oils?

No! Fragrant oils are synthetic oils that are lab-created. They do not come from a real plant or contain any vital life force or energy. While they may be pleasant to smell, they do not have any therapeutic value. Essential oils are basically “alive”, and their plant DNA affects us in ways that can be beneficial to our health. Artificial scents should never be used for clinical purposes because they can be toxic to the human body.

How do I use the Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers?

Uncap the inhaler and hold it just below your nose. Do not insert the tip into your nostril. Inhale slowly, counting from 1 to 5 as you inhale. Then hold your breath for another count of 5, and exhale slowly. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times for each nostril. Then take a break to give the essential oils a moment to work. Use as needed.

Our inhalers contain pure essential oil blends only - there are no carrier oils added to dilute the strength. If you use your inhaler multiple times every day, it should last a minimum of four months. If you use it only occasionally, it will last much, much longer. How long it will last is simply a factor of how many times the case is opened and closed.

Does the inhaler work right away on headaches?

It certainly can depending on the type of headache, but results can vary with the individual. For some, the headache will go away almost immediately. For others, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, with additional sporatic use until the headache is gone.

Can the "Not tonight, honey!" blend be used for migraines?

Yes. However, migraines often tend to present differently than tension or sinus headaches, and can be accompanied by sensitivity to light, smell and sound. It is best to use this formula as soon as you feel that the headache is coming on, in order to prevent it from becoming full blown.

Is it okay for a pregnant or nursing mom to use these blends?

The majority of essential oils are generally considered safe for inhalation. But due to the lack of clear information regarding the use of undiluted essential oils during pregnancy, we suggest adhering to the general safety guidelines adopted by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Please see NAHA's guidelines for using essential oils during pregnancy, as some of the oils used in these inhalers may not be appropriate for pregnant women during the first few months of pregnancy. Because the essential oils in our skin care products are formulated according to professionally recommended dilution levels, the same rules do not apply.

How should essential oils be stored?

True essential oils are both heat and light sensitive, and should be stored in glass containers since most plastics are not compatible with true essential oils and will crack from the potency. It is for this reason that we package all La Ishá serums and aromatherapy blends in glass. There is a sturdy internal glass vial inside our beautiful personal inhalers that safeguards the integrity of the essential oil blends.

How can I use an aromatherapy inhaler if I have nasal congestion?

If you have nasal congestion you may want to reduce the swelling first. We recommend using our "All Stuffed Up Blend", then waiting a minute or two for the inflammation to subside and the nasal passages to open. Once this happens, you can use any of our other blends and be confident that they will be effective.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.