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Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá
Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá
Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá
Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá
Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá
Breast SOS - 2 sizes - La Ishá

Breast SOS - 2 sizes

Apply this award-winning organic beauty serum to your décolletage and breasts before you go to sleep and wake up with a visible reduction in the cleavage wrinkles that are created by sleeping on your side. If you have visual signs of sun-damage on your chest, this silky-smooth formula will hydrate dull dry skin, improve skin tone, fade discoloration, and have you embracing plunging necklines & sexy lingerie with new-found confidence! Made from organic therapeutic-grade essential oils, botanicals & natural ingredients internationally recognized for their efficacy, including organic hemp seed oil. Breast SOS is Vegan-Certified, Gluten-Free, Synthetic-Free, Cruelty-Free, and M.D. endorsed. Be sure to read the customer testimonials for more information.  

Please note: This high-performance serum is packaged in glass to safeguard the potency of its powerful ingredients, yet it is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. Please store away from heat and light for best results. Refrigeration will extend its 8-10 month shelf-life. 


  • Moisturizes and firms skin.
  • Highly effective on reducing skin creases caused by sleeping on your side (cleavage wrinkles).
  • Nightly use helps fade the signs of sun damage including age spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps restore a springy, more youthful tone and resilience to the "girls".
  • The ingredients in Breast SOS are recognized by international research for promoting breast health support.
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredient properties support the healing process after breast surgery and tissue repair.
  • May be helpful in minimizing false negative and false positive mammography results caused by inflammation and fibrous breast tissue.
  • Hydrates & softens the skin prior to breast reconstruction to maximize flexibility and minimize discomfort.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from future free radical damage.
  • Certified vegan, gluten-free, synthetic-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty free.

Breast SOS can also be used as an effective tool to make breast self-examination simple and pleasurable. The soft sultry fragrance of Breast SOS has aphrodisiac qualities and a calming effect on both mind and body that makes nightly application something to look forward to. Consistent use can help you monitor your personal hormonal fluctuations in a way that once a month breast checks cannot adequately accomplish. Get all these benefits while you pamper yourself with a spa quality, anti aging treatment!

This product is good for sensitive skin and is:

Age DefyingAll Skin TypesDry SkinAvailable in Special Value ComboSun DamageGluten Free Product


Massage 1 or 2 half-droppers of Breast SOS into breasts and dècolletage until fully absorbed. For best results apply nightly. Our silky smooth formula is rapidly absorbed and will not stain fine lingerie or bed linens.


A proprietary blend of Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Organic Hemp Oil (Cannabis sativa), Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa), Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica granatum), Organic Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum), Essential Oil of Rose (Rosa damanscena), Essential Oil of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Essential Oil of Sandalwood (Santalum album), Amber, Tocopherol (Non GMO)

La Ishá believes in a consumer’s right to full disclosure, so information about all the ingredients we use in our products can be found in the Ingredients section of our website.

Please note: Because our ingredients are natural and organic, there may be slight variations in color or fragrance. These are normal and do not affect the formulation or its efficacy.

Customer Testimonials

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"I don't ever want to be without Breast SOS!"

- Yvonne C., Aurora, CO

"Breast SOS is simply the single best remedy on the market for vertical (cleavage) breast wrinkles that happen in the night. It gives immediate results, couldn't be simpler to use and delivers on its promise. I highly recommend this product to all the ladies who read my blogs and follow my conversation with older women through my website, [...]. I would also recommend it to younger women, none of whom are free from those pesky chest wrinkles. I use it nightly, it works!"

- Judy Steinberg, Palm Desert, CA. TV producer, author of Fabulous After Fifty and Sexy At Sixty, former President of the Palm Springs Women's Press Club, Public Speaker. Judy holds the Ms. Senior America 2010 title for San Diego County

"My breasts were my best feature up until my mid-forties. Then I noticed the skin wasn't springing back quite the way it used to. I was already looking into anti-aging cosmetics and very concerned about their chemical content when a friend of mine told me about Breast SOS so I ordered a bottle. My breasts felt different the very next morning! It's been about 5 months since I started using it and I am hooked. My skin feels soft and is retaining moisture much better than it did before. Most of the dark spots I had are either completely gone or greatly faded. I have resumed wearing low cut dresses and blouses again. I love this stuff! Thank you!"

- Cherie L., Atlanta, GA

"Breast SOS is actually reversing the sun damage on my chest! I used to bake in the sun and use tanning beds. Now that I'm in my 50's I have lots of sun damage. I've had laser resurfacing on my face: it was so expensive and painful that I could not see doing it on my chest and breasts. Then I heard about Breast SOS. I can't tell you what a tremendous difference this anti-aging cosmetic has made for me! The crepe-y, wrinkly lines on my chest are disappearing and the brown sunspots get lighter and lighter with every application. The essential oil serum smells divine and I actually look forward to putting it on before I go to bed. Congratulations on coming out with such an effective, natural aromatherapy product for women!"

- Denise M., Tucson, AZ

“I use this every night! I never even heard of pomegranate seed oil much less its benefits until I heard Dr. Oz talk about it TV. I've always had fibrous breasts and put off doing breast self-exams because of the fear factor. After I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah I researched Pomegranate Seed Oil myself and soon discovered Breast SOS. I absolutely LOVE it! It smells gorgeous and feels so silky my fingers glide without stretching my skin and I can easily feel what's underneath when I do my self-examination. I put it on every night before I go to sleep. You've not only got a great product - you are doing a great service for women everywhere! Thank you."

- Shaina H., Livingston, N.J

"Thanks to using Breast SOS I found a lump in my breast that a recent mammogram had missed entirely. Using Breast SOS is like doing a breast self-exam every day. As a writer I have written several articles about breast cancer; including interviews with breast cancer survivors and also new techniques in the treatment of breast cancer. When I found the lump, the next eight seconds of my life reminded me of all the women I had interviewed - some of whom have since died. Thank goodness it turned out to be benign but God only knows what would have happened had I not found the lump in time. Thank you so much for making Breast SOS - it changed my life."

- Jules M., Louisville, CO

“Breast SOS helped speed up my recovery after breast surgery! I started using the Breast SOS about a month ago every night after some surgery on my chest. I have a two inch scar that the surgeon said would take about 6 months to heal. I saw my doctor last week and she was very happy with the healing process and surprised it was doing so well in only 4 weeks. This is great stuff and I only use a few drops a night. A little goes a long way!"

- Jennifer A., Denver, CO

“Love It! As a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist I am very impressed by the Breast SOS and La Ishá Pomegranate Moisture Booster! The skin on my breasts felt the benefits of the Breast SOS almost immediately. I absolutely LOVE the way the Breast SOS smells..... It's addicting!"

- Deborah M., Parker, CO

"I had breast reduction surgery about 10 years ago. I had trouble with the Monocryl absorbable sutures resulting in infection which created more scar tissue than I normally would have had, and lumpy breasts. After using Breast SOS only one week, the lumps were almost completely gone. The intermittent needle-sharp breast pain that has plagued me for 47 years has not recurred. Thanks to La Ishá's Breast SOS my breasts are finally comfortable for the first time in 47 years."

- Yvonne C., Denver, CO

"Smooth, soft, supple skin best describes my experience with La Ishá organic skin care products. I exercise regularly and pay close attention to my body; after using Breast SOS for a few weeks I noticed a new 'perkiness' to my breasts that was not there before."

- Susan G., Englewood, CO

"In addition to being organic and highly effective, Breast SOS smells so soft and delicious that I have become addicted to the fragrance! I use this anti-aging skin care as an aromatherapy treatment every night before I go to bed and I swear it makes it easier for me to fall asleep! It's almost Pavlovian!"

- Sandy R., Aptos, CA

"Thank you so much for this product! I had breast cancer & 48 treatments of radiation. Recently I thought about essential oils as a healing treatment and stumbled upon your website. Hmm, one of God's coincidences?? What a great product find!!"

- Jeanne S., Denver, CO

"I LOVE La Isha Breast SOS. I’m a 43-year breast cancer survivor with several biopsies and surgeries since. I’ve been using Breast SOS for over 2 years and it keeps my breasts looking and feeling healthy.I believe this is a very special product!"

- Grandma C., Denver, CO



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA - Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. La Ishá does not sell or market any products with the intent to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.