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Aromatherapy Sniffers

Happiness, calm and tranquility are only a sniff away with La Ishá's personal inhaler collection. Our "Sniffers” contain an assortment of therapeutic-grade essential oil blends that are surprisingly effective against the emotionally exhausting demands of modern day living. They are also a valuable ally in the quest for younger-looking, healthy skin because stress can rob you of moisture and trigger conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

La Ishá's fast-acting aromatherapy blends work in only seconds to meet your individual needs. Our beautiful sniffers look just like high-end lipsticks and are small enough to tuck away in a pocket or purse. Just like our high-potency beauty serums, the precious undiluted essential oils in our inhalers are stored in a sturdy glass compartment. Our sniffers are refillable and leak-proof.

How Do La Ishá's Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers Work?

Our sense of smell is the first to develop and the most sensitive and powerful of the five senses. Unlike other sensory abilities that require interaction with the spinal, integumentary, circulatory or digestive systems to work, the recognition of smell is immediate and linked to the subconscious mind. Scent has the ability to evoke feelings as well as physical responses, and is linked to some of our earliest pre-verbal memories. No two people will react to an essential oil in exactly the same way, making the benefits of aromatherapy highly individualized.

When a person inhales an essential oil, its scent is immediately picked up by tiny receptors in the nose and transported to the limbic system in the brain. This system is involved with stress response, hormone levels, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. This is why aromatherapy has such a powerful effect on the human body. Unlike other aromatherapy blends that are diluted with carrier oils and applied in a roll-on to the skin, you can feel the effect of La Ishá’s inhaled, undiluted blends within seconds instead of minutes. When you feel a migraine or a panic attack coming on, time is crucial in staving off a full-blown episode.

La Ishá’s Aromatherapy Inhaler Blends use only pure therapeutic-grade ingredients that support both beauty and health. They are organic and wild-crafted, gluten-free, vegan-certified, synthetic-free and cruelty-free.