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Aging gracefully takes the right skin care
Aging Gracefully Takes
Dedication, Consistency
and the Right Skin Care.
african american woman with glowing skin
Feel Your Confidence Level
Soar to new Heights
with Dewy, Glowing Skin.
Skin care with no harmful or toxic ingredients
Get Long-Lasting Visible Improvements
Without Using Harmful
Toxic Ingredients.
Skin care to treat fine lines and wrinkles
Superior Skin Care
with Benefits that Go Beyond Treating
Fine Lines and Wrinkles...
Dry skin, sun damaged skin, and post-chemotherapy skin care treatment
We Excel in Dry Skin, Sun-Damage
Breast Health Support and
Post-Chemo Rehydration.
Introducing La Ishá: High-Performance Natural Skin Care that adapts to your skin's continuously evolving needs.

la isha all natural skin care products with essential oils


If you've been searching for serious skin care that creates results that you can see and feel after only one or two applications, you’ve come to the right place. 

La Ishá High-Performance Natural Skin Care is designed by female formulators who experience the same complexion problems you face every day and work to create specialty serums to solve them. Based on clinical essential oil therapy, our award-winning formulations use plant-based ingredients that have natural adaptogenic properties that keep up with your constantly evolving body chemistry. Because of this, your skin won't become "immune" or resistant to our products over time. Our results are cumulative. The longer you use us, the better you look. Need proof? Read our customer testimonials and see our Before & After pictures.

La Ishá High Performance Natural Skin Care is proof that beauty and good health no longer have to be mutually exclusive objectives. Green, natural and sustainable, our line is M.D. endorsed, vegan-certified, gluten-free and cruelty-free. There are absolutely NO synthetics, fillers, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum derivatives or known cancer-causing agents in any of our products. Our shelf-life is an impressive 8-10 months, and everything is made fresh to order weekly in order to give you the very best results possible! 

Give La Ishá a try and discover why we have such a loyal following!

"Quality is never an accident: it is the manifestation of a company’s commitment to excellence in the products it manufactures and its dedication to the clientele it serves." 

- Sharon Gnatt Epel, CEO/Founder